Mental Health Resources

Urgent advice: Please read the following carefully - We want to help you in the most effective way


IN CRISIS? See the CRISIS resources below.


STUDENTS - If you are a student studying at Falmouth or Exeter University, please take this link for the University Wellbeing Team who have links with the GP surgery mental health support system.


Struggling with anxiety, stress or low mood but are managing to do the things you need to do, please consider accessing our local NHS psychological therapies here


When discussion with the GP is likely to be important – AFTER reading the information please complete a Klinik form on our home page, using the 'New health problem' or 'Ongoing Health Problem'. If this is an ongoing problem, please tell us in the Klinik form, the last clinician you spoke to, continuity is important to us as it helps to provide a smooth care journey for our patients. Please explain the nature of your issues. 


Ongoing mental health problem with Wellbeing/Mental Health Team involvement - Please contact the wellbeing team member you have been seeing.  Alternatively, please email the team:


We will endeavour to book you a contact with the same clinician but please be aware this is not always possible due to several factors.   

In the meantime, there are some important sources of support below