What is Klinik?

As a surgery we receive hundreds of calls per day from patients trying to book appointments with our GPs, Nurses and allied health professionals. We only have a limited number of appointments available each day, and this can make it difficult to book the appointment you need. The morning rush for appointments is stressful for both patients and staff. Often it's a case of first come, first served.

We worry that those patients that need urgent help are being missed, or struggling to access our services. We have decided to implement a tool called Klinik which will help us triage appointment requests.

At first this will only happen when our existing same-day appointments have run out. Previously you would have been asked if your query was urgent for the duty doctor, and if not to call back the next day. This relied on patients knowing what was urgent, and repeated the stress of trying to ring again the following morning. 

Klinik will allow patients to submit their queries and aid us in triaging them, so we can see the most urgent patients quicker. Rather than first come first served, it becomes most unwell, first served. 

No system is perfect, and no one likes change. It may take some time for both us and patients to get used to. There will likely always be more requests for appointments than we can safely provide. But we think we can see the right patients quicker, direct patients to the correct service, and reduce the stress of fighting for appointments using Klinik. 

Concerns about Klinik

We aren't trying to see fewer patients, we promise! We get frustrated, as you do, that those patients that really need us have such a fight to see a GP. We also get frustrated when a patient clearly needs more than 10 minutes to address their problems. 

Klinik will allow us to highlight those patients and see them appropriately - be that the same day for urgent problems. Or perhaps on a more routine basis, but for a longer appointment slot to discuss more complex issues. 

For those who can't use a computer, our reception team are trained to assist you in submitting a Klinik query via the telephone.